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What could you do with dedicated, curated, exclusive access to the inside world of FinTech insights & opportunities?


MEDICI Inner Circle provides the most actionable insights gleaned from our independent research and analysis, so you can quickly discern the signal from the noise and make your investment decisions with confidence!

Your participation in the MEDICI Inner Circle will consistently allow you to:

  •  Access superior insights on what’s coming and why
  •  Accelerate your analysis time and increase your confidence in making decisions
  •  Amplify your network & investment opportunities

When you become a MEDICI Inner Circle Member
(invite only membership), you get:

1Weekly “FinTech Insider Briefs” from our founders and other major FinTech players that will highlight leading indicators + the next big thing in FinTech + ahead of the curve info, sub-trends and insights on startups and what’s going on in with the FI/bank transformations. (This is one SUNDAY service you’ll never want to miss!)

2Curated Monthly FinTech Segment Marketscapes where you will receive an overview of a FinTech Segment (e.g., Blockchain) and its value chain (the multiple sectors) with it with sample startups focusing on each segment for context. These are very helpful to understand each segment better and the growth it is has over time.

3Access to MEDICI’s Emerging Startup Watch List (and now yours).
Our start up recomendations are made using our proprietary scoring system and our global listening engine. This list will help you accelerate your research on new technologies and opportunities for investment, partnerships and education on what’s to come.

4Access to hand selected MEDICI’s summaries of exclusive research reports on emerging technologies and trends in the FinTech space.

5In-depth FinTech Foresights podcast interviews with game-changing industry leaders and founders that are ready to make their mark in FinTech.

6Special invitations to curated roundtables and events to enhance your network, exposure and opportunities for partnerships and investment.FinTech.

7Exclusive member-only deep discounts offers on top FinTech Conferences, resources and more.

Information that is optimized for Investors — those looking to make educated bets
with dollars or mindshare.

The MEDICI Inner Circle Membership is designed for INVESTORS and individuals who want exclusive access to top-quality insights and a connection to an active, inspiring Community of FinTech doers and builders.

The FinTech world is crowded, ever-changing, and chaotic. And you know it’s all too easy to spend hours and hours (and HOURS) trying to sift through the noise — time that could be spent on scaling up, or taking action, or making connections, or maximizing your life outside of work. Inside the inner circle we cut through the noise.

MEDICI’s FinTech insights have increasingly become a beacon for innovative growth in the industry:

  •  Founders have built and pivoted companies based on what they read in the daily newsletter
  •  Investors have bought and sold companies based on the detailed value chains
  •  Banks have launched new products and services based on MEDICI startup recommendations
  •  Global research organizations have replaced data sources for better accuracy; and 
  •  The ecosystem at large has come to depend on our independent voice of reason and integrity for collaborative and impactful innovation in Financial Services 

“MEDICI (formerly LTP) articles have been so insightful for us in strategy making — we made a pivot based on what we learned.”
Aditya Tulsian - Founder, Numberz

“MEDICI (formerly LTP) do an outstanding job of putting everything in context. I love your value chains! They provide a global view of the competitive landscape that our portfolio companies and prospects operate in; and in turn, a view on where we can expect the competition to emerge.”
Alex Baker - VC, Partner at Relay Ventures

“MEDICI is the network focused on FinTech. It’s the spotlight any startup is looking for. It also gives visibility and exposure to every stakeholder you can imagine in the FinTech sector, such as VCs, Financial Institutions, and global accelerators in more than 56 countries. As a leader in digital innovation for my bank, I’m very excited to be part of MEDICI’s network. I have a saying, “The more I see the less I know. I think it’s a perfect fit to describe my feelings toward the possibility that will unlock for us.”
Matteo Rossanigo - Group Digital Innovation Manager, MEDIOBANCA

For the last five years, MEDICI (formerly Let’s Talk Payments) has boldly been on the leading edge of identifying trends and enabling technology developments for Founders, Investors, Analysts, and Financial Institutions. Our insights have increasingly become a beacon for innovative growth in the FinTech space.

We’ve built a robust international reputation based on our intelligent insights, data-driven research, advisory services with a practitioner’s confidence, and extremely organized and actionable content that inspires innovators around the world every day.

We’re putting together a powerhouse group of discerning insiders in the world of FinTech, and we want you to be a part of it! The MEDICI Inner Circle is where the top of the top are meeting – and we think you belong here. If you’ve been following us, you know the consistently valuable content we already offer for free. The things that truly set the Inner Circle apart are exclusive access, breadth of connection, and depth of insight. You get the same unwavering commitment to robust content – but this is where we really pull back the curtain.

And we know that since you’ve made it this far in the FinTech space, you’ve probably got a good handle on things. If you’ve been reading MEDICI insights, articles, and emails for the last 5 years – you know that we are definitely in the know. We’ve made it our entire business to be there. We go deeper. We put in the hours (75K and counting, to be precise) so you don’t have to — and you’ve seen us call it time and time again. We are your eyes and ears inside the brave, new, and complex world of FinTech.

Our experience is your FinTech Advantage, and you can be a part of it.

Meet your hosts: Amit, Aditya, Patrick & Elena

Aditya Khurjekar
 Co-Founder and CEO, MEDICI
Aditya Khurjekar, founder and CEO of MEDICI (formerly Let’s Talk Payments), was previously founder of Money20/20 and pioneered cross-industry collaboration in mobile payments since 2008 (now known as Apple Pay or Android Pay). Aditya has also held a number of leadership positions at Verizon Wireless, CSG Systems, Lucent Technologies and Bell Laboratories. Aditya holds an MBA in Finance & Management from New York University and an MS in Electrical Engineering. He lives in Charlotte, NC and works with teams all over the world.

Amit Goel
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, MEDICI
He is passionate about bringing actionable FinTech-focused insights, scores and other innovations to MEDICI’s customers. He was recently name a Top 100 FinTech Influencer in the world and Top 10 in Asia. Amit has built MEDICI (formerly LTP) which is now considered the #1 global platform for everything FinTech. He has a strong background in strategy and market analysis and has advised clients (ranging from startups to Fortune 500) in payments, commerce and technology. In the past, he founded a consulting & research practice called GrowthPraxis in 2009 and grew it successfully.

Patrick Rivenbark
VP, Strategic Partnerships, MEDICI
Patrick's building and strengthening partnerships for MEDICI. MEDICI enables collaborative innovationwithin FinTech’s complex ecosystem of banks, financial services providers, startups, investors, and innovations programs. Previously, Patrick was the Operations Lead for FIS Global’s Innovation + Investment office where he helped build a new technology business and shaped new programs to spur innovation within FIS’s Enterprise Product Office. Patrick is on the Corporate Advisor Board for Innovate + Educate, a national non-profit creating solutions that build multiple, validated pathways from education to employment, thereby closing the skills gap and creating a new future of work.

Global Head of Content, MEDICI
Elena is an international research professional with a strong background in social sciences and international marketing. As the Global Head of Content for MEDICI, Elena is dedicated to sharing data-driven insights to inspire the community of FinTech entrepreneurs through the power of writing. Recently featured in the Women in FinTech Powerlist 2017 by Innovate Finance, and having written over 250 viral pieces for MEDICI community, Elena has been widely published across the top FinTech-focused sources and by the world’s largest institutions, research & consulting companies, and associations. Destinations include American Express, ISACA, The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Moody’s Analytics, Capgemini, Network Branded Prepaid Card Association (NBPCA), UN Blockchain, The National Money Transmitters Organization (NMTA), StarSe, Citibank, BankDirector.com, FinXTech.com, edX, Computerworld HK, Cognizant, and dozens of startup blogs.

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